A Letter from the CEO

The Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs has established what is today becoming truly a leading academic medical center, one of very few in the Middle East comprised of a set of specialty hospitals, Health Sciences University and King Abdullah International Medical Research Center (KAIMRC) represented in multiple regions of the kingdom.

With KAIMRC recent efforts, we are confidently moving into joining the international hub for personalized medicine. We will no longer be content by providing only a good clinical care, but we are aiming at developing and contributing to offering a personalized clinical care to our patients, this is the era of personalized and precision medicine.

The Biomedical and Translational research at NGHA that is being conducted at KAIMRC brings a great value not only to NGHA and the medical city community alone but also to the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in particular through the creation of knowledge based economy, the Improvements in the length and quality of life of Saudis citizens and the Enhancement of the nation’s international reputation.

Our research agenda will take us from the bench to the bedside. We are also aiming at providing full support to those researchers with entrepreneurial mind to embark into bringing creative and innovative ideas into the market. We are truly positioning KAIMRC as an international leading research and development Center of the 21st century.



President, KSAU-HS

Dr. Bandar Al Knawy