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 Strategy and Business Development

​​The Strategy and Business Development (SBD) section is responsible for the development and monitoring of KAIMRC’s overall institutional strategy and the individual strategies of each department/section and program. In addition, SBD develops the business and commercialization framework primarily through the Medical Biotechnology Park and ensures that KAIMRC attains a global reputation.

The SBD consists of multiple units and offices including:

  • Strategy Development Office (SDO):

The Strategy Development Office leads the development of KAIMRC overall strategy as well as the development of the integrated 5 year strategic plan for KAIMRC.

The SDO also provides regular review and update of these strategies to ensure the availability of timely R&D and Innovation information and best practices nationally and globally.

  • Contracts Unit (CU):

The contracts unit is the central gate at KAIMRC for developing all contractual arrangements with academic, government and industrial entities including but not limited to:

  1. Research Agreements
  2. Clinical Trials Agreements
  3. Memorandum of Understanding
  4. Material Transfer Agreements
  5. Non Disclosure Agreements
  6. Services Agreements
  7. Others contractual agreements
  • Initiatives Management Office (IMO):

The Initiatives Management Office was established as the official institutional structure responsible for developing and managing national initiatives as part of the country’s national transformation plan 2020 and the national vision 2030.

The IMO plays the role of the institution’s Vision Realization Office (VRO) and currently is managing the national initiative “National Command Center for Clinical Trials and Laboratory Development” supported through the National Industrial development and Logistics Program (NIDLP).​

  • Development of KAIMRC Strategy.
  • Development of KAIMRC Five Year Strategic Plan.
  • Managing Commercialization activities and initiatives.
  • Securing extra mural funding support for KAIMRC business programs and R&D commercial activities.
  • Contributing to building a strong global reputation through a dynamic communication, media and outreach activities.
  • Ensuring high standards national and international R&D and Innovation collaborations and partnerships through strong contractual structure.​

  • Support in the implementation of individual departmental strategies
  • Support in R&D business planning.
  • Regular review and advice on the 5 Year strategic plan implementation.
  • Developing KAIMRC integrated annual business plan for all sections/departments and programs.
  • Developing an enterprise research information management system that is focused on delivering the functionality essential to enhancing the scientific productivity of the R&D staff and ensuring value in R&D investments.
  • Establishing and managing the Medical Biotechnology Park as the commercialization and entrepreneurship arm of KAIMRC/MNG-HA
  • Developing strong ties with local, regional and international academic institutions with active programs in relevant research through strong and effective contracts services.
  • Develop relationships with leading, technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and with organizations heavily dependent on technology through effective contracts services.
  • Promoting locally and internationally a strong reputation for KAIMRC through active and effective public relations and communication activities​

SBD and its offices and units can be reached through the following:​