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 Pharmaceutical Analysis

The bioanalytical lab component of the Drug Bioequivalence Center was established with the recruitment of several members of its laboratory staff. New analytical laboratory equipment is being installed and calibrated and the laboratory staff is trained to utilize its equipment. One hundred and fifty drugs from different classes were documented and could be further validated using the specific equipment to be used in drug bioequivalence studies. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) required for the bio analytical method development has been documented.

Our Clients:

  • Ministry of National Guard-Health Affairs hospitals (All regions)
  • King Fahd Medical City (Riyadh)
  • King Khalid University Hospital (Riyadh)

  • Establish state of art Bioequivalence Center in KSA
  • Improve and assess the quality of generic drugs (especially those delivered to MNG-HA), and healthcare outcomes.
  • Serve as revenue generation and publications sources
  • A leading Quality Control Laboratory that provides QC services in KSA
  • Help to optimize medication dose to fit the specific needs of a patients for difficult-to-manage medications
  • Individualize therapeutic regimens for optimal patient benefit
  • Ensure drug’s safety and efficacy
  • Reduce the incidence of adverse drug reaction​

  • Bioequivalence
  • Quality control test (Pharmaceutical products)
  • Stability test
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM)