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 Immunology Research Program

The Immunology Research Program at KAIMRC aims to understand the mechanisms underlying the pathology seen in patients with primary immunodeficiency and immune dysregulation. Approaches include development of novel models for immunodeficiency and autoimmunity. These model systems are used to determine how the immune system works to protect our body from infections and to understand how this system is regulated to prevent cancer and autoimmunity.

The mission of this program is to create an interdisciplinary environment in which important scientific questions in immunology can be addressed and the development of new immunotherapeutic strategies for facilitating the treatment of the disorders of the immune system.

The program aims to achieve this goal by providing resources and activities that foster meaningful interactions among and between basic immunology researchers and clinicians. The Program nurtures these interactions by assisting in the training of young scientists who will pursue careers in immunology and by providing forums for the exchange of scientific ideas.

  • Conducting high quality, relevant, novel and internationally competitive research in immunology and cancer.
  • Establishing national and international partnerships and collaborations to promote the sharing of knowledge, experience and data for the rare immune related disorders.
  • Creating an interdisciplinary environment to address important scientific questions in immunology.
  • Providing research platforms to serve as national public health research lab for immunodeficiency and immune dysregulation.
  • Studying the genetic mechanisms of the immune disorders using whole genome sequencing and bioinformatics.
  • Studying the immunological mechanisms of the immune disorders using flow cytometry, immunoblotting and an in vitro co-culture model.
  • Exploring the role of microbiota in the development of autoimmunity and cancer.
  • Developing new rapid diagnostic techniques and new systems and technologies.
  • Discovering novel therapeutic interventions for the treatment of the disorders of the immune system.
  • Identification of therapeutic protocols that promote the development of the immune tolerance.
  • Enhancing research on cancer immunotherapy.​

  • Immunodeficiency and Dysregulation Project
  • Cancer Immunity Project
  • Microbiota Project
  • Antibody production Project​