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The presence of Nanotechnology, alongside other research areas, plays an important role in advancing the medical field. The Nanomedicine group focuses on applications of nanotechnology in a medical/ clinical context. The group gathers distinguished researchers with different backgrounds to conduct research, share ideas and discuss prospects of the field.

The projects that the Nanomedicine group leads as a contribution to medical research include:

  • Improving point-of-care diagnostics to allow early intervention and a better patient outcome.
  • Developing novel drug delivery systems for chemotherapy, vaccines, gene delivery and infectious diseases.
  • Utilizing nanoparticles and advanced materials for tissue repair and regeneration.
  • Nanotechnology-based imaging.

Our main goal is to translate Nanomedicine research from bench to bedside by carrying it from laboratory experiments through clinical trials to clinical patient applications. It is also carried out with many collaborations with nationally and internationally recognized institutes/affiliates.


  • Extension: (84) 94433​