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 Research Training and Development Section (RTDS)

Research Training and Development section (RTDs) aims to enhance the human research capacities for individual staff as well as at the institutional level through; training, mentorship, and collaboration with local and international institutions. RTDs has two core service units that support KAIMRC and MNG-HA health professionals: (1) Education services, (2) Scholarship/postdoctoral support services.

Education Services Unit offers an extensive range of clinical and basic research trainings to help prepare clinicians and scientists to carry out different types of research. These include but not limited to: Residents Research Program (RRP), Clinical Research Coordinator Program (CRC), Research Methodology Course and Workshop, Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP), and Research Summer School (RSS).

Scholarship and Post-Doctorate Services Unit aims to administer, to support, to monitor and to evaluate the progress of scholars and post-doctoral trainees. Moreover, the unit works as a liaison between the trainees and KAIMRC sections to facilitate their appointment process and create better experiences.​

  • To improve research education, research leadership, research mentorship and research collaboration skills for the faculty and students at MNG-HA.
  • To encourage and develop clinical researchers to actively participate in medical research activities at MNG-HA.​

  • Annual research related courses and workshops (please look at our educational calendar)
  • Scholarship – process and monitor scholars
  • Postdoc – monitor and process postdoc requests
  • Training – process training application for KAIMRC employees & place and monitor any trainee from outside of MNG-HA to be trained at KAIMRC​