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 Saudi Biobank

The Saudi Biobank is a national project that is shepherded by King Abdullah International Medical Research Center (KAIMRC). It will serve as a vital footstep towards building a biobanking platform for our kingdom’s population. It will provide valuable resources for conducting cutting edge medical research with a focus on the Saudi health priorities and improving health outcomes. The project aims to enroll 200,000 participants with in depth knowledge regarding phenotypes using a variety of biological samples, which are collected, stored and processed by state-of-the-art automated facilities. This project aims to support a wide range of genetic and epidemiological research studies that are focused on improving preventive, diagnostic, and treatment of common and rare disease in KSA.

The Saudi Biobank provides resources for conducting medical and clinical research. These resources include clinical and socio-demographic data as well as biological materials. They are collected by well trained staff and processed, stored and maintained by fully automated systems. Samples and data can be retrieved automatically to ensure the high quality of data as well as maintaining participant’s privacy and confidentiality. The Saudi Biobank is one of the important medical research projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to study the impact of healthy lifestyle, genes and the environment in Saudi population.

The Saudi Biobank aims to increase the quality of patient care and accelerate the impact of research on such care. It will implement the highest standards of biological banking to provide outstanding clinical, medical, demographic and analytic data. Aims of Saudi Biobank are:

  • To collect and store biological materials, which are annotated with medical records and epidemiological data.
  • To provide a high quality data and biological materials that are suitable for conducting cutting edge medical researches.
  • To promote medical research activities in the area of public health impact on Saudi population by providing resources, materials and data to scientific community.
  • To educate, promote and encourage public participation in research activities as a part of this national project.
  • To create diseases registries for most common diseases in Saudi Arabia, with the goal of studying the impact of healthy lifestyle, genes and the environment on the risk of developing these diseases.​