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 Medical Biotechnology Park

The Medical Biotechnology Park provides new and emerging medical and biomedical technology and compatible businesses with an environment that would support their start-up phase and increase their likelihood of success in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The incubator includes laboratory space, shared facility space (Meeting rooms, Staff Lounge), shared use of common office equipment, direct business assistance and guidance, mentoring, networking, and other technical resources. A network of existing resources in the community would be developed to support incubator client needs.

  • Contribute to the ongoing transition of KSA economy from one based on natural resources to one based on knowledge and innovation with special emphasis on medical and biomedical R&D and innovation.
  • Tackle diseases of highest incidence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with global impact in order to be aligned with the national vision of providing excellent healthcare through innovation in drug development, medical devices, diagnostics and vaccine development.
  • Accelerate the set-up of applied Research and ensure a direct impact on patients care by setting up, a world-class medical R&D, biotechnology and biopharmaceutical hub at MNG-HA/KAIMRC while offering access to a strong MNG-HA network of excellent clinicians, world class dedicated scientists and faculty.
  • Rapidly build one of the world’s leading health economic hubs in KSA.​

  • Life Sciences Media and Reagents Manufacturing (cell culture media, reagents, bacterial agar plates)
  • Bioequivalence Lab
  • Translational Research Unit (Phase 1 clinical Trial Unit)
  • Others (under development)​

  • Direct business development assistance
  • Professional network and relationship support
  • Capital and Financing Network
  • Business Development and Innovation Training and Awareness Programs
  • Facility – based services:
    • State of the art multifunctional laboratories, partially equipped
    • Special purpose laboratories (Clean Room)​