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KAIMRC in the Western Region (WR) represents the cornerstone for medical research within this region of KSA. It operates in parallel with KAIMRC Central and Eastern Regions, sharing strategies and operational resources. Creativity and innovation are promoted between each other. KAIMRC – WR provides advanced infrastructure for research scientists and investigators as well as state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Access is not limited to the local area, but national and international researchers from other institutes and research centers are able to access the center, through multiple collaborative opportunities in order  to contribute to advancing medical knowledge.

The new five story building of KAIMRC-WR opened in September 2014 with the offices operating in the first, third, fourth and fifth floors. The building contains state-of-the-art laboratories: Vivarium, Animal Laboratory, Medical Imaging Laboratory and lecture rooms. This facility also includes DNA Banks, Stem Cell Labs and Immunology Labs with the highest international research standards.

KAIMRC-WR also employs high caliber, qualified, and skilled staff who are enthusiastic in their fields and display teamwork and high ethical standards. At KAIMRC-WR, we are striving to maintain these high standards of excellence.​


To conduct well designed epidemiological, biomedical, experimental, observational and translational research studies, and retrospective analysis of the local and national health problems.

  • To provide comprehensive technical support logistics for our high-caliber researchers.
  • To establish strategic collaborations with international research centers.
  • To secure and maintain a realistic operational budget that will enable the center to deliver its objectives effectively, help advance the scientific objectives, and secure the support of the public and private sectors for research grants, as deemed necessary.​

  • Proposal Review Service
    • Provide initial review for submitted proposals
    • Ensure compliance with KAIMRC standards
    • Communicate with peer reviewers and PIs
  • Research assistance
    • Proposal Development
    • Data Management & Analysis
  • Research Coordination
    • To provide assistance and support to PIs and their teams in conducting Clinical Trials within the framework of KAIMRC APP and GCP guidelines
    • To maintain compliance of documentation for both study team and subjects.
  • Conducting and organizing research related workshops and lectures
    • Encouraging and developing educational activities to promote research within KAMC.
    • Enhancing health providers capabilities with international standards for the conduct of clinical research.
    • Disseminating information and sharing expertise with the aim of improving human health with relevant organizations
    • Creating new generation of junior researchers in medical research.
    • Providing appropriate methods and tools required to properly conduct clinical research starting from formulation of study question and ending by submitting a full manuscript through our courses.​​

​KAIMRC-WR Head Office

KAIMRC-WR Research Office

KAIMRC-WR Research Training and Development