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 Research Trial Services

KAIMRC has established a remarkable division called Clinical Trial Unit (CTU) with a multidisciplinary team that is highly experienced in conducting clinical trials in a variety of different diseases. CTU provides access to outstanding hospital infrastructure with qualified medical staff as well as an access to ICU setting and full functioned laboratories.

  • To advance, improve and facilitate the conduction of clinical trials.
  • To provide the highest standers of health outcome for our patients and develop a strong relationship with all stakeholders in order to be the leading clinical trial center in Saudi Arabia with outstanding quality, efficiency and creativity.​

KAIMRC upholds all key elements for successful clinical trials

Scientific Services: 

  • Study design
  • Protocol development
  • Feasibility studies
  • Biostatistics


Project Implementation:

  • Site start-up
  • Site management
  • Patient recruitment
  • Investigational drug management


Project Management: 

  • Site monitoring
  • Data management
  • Safety reporting
  • Archiving services
  • Quality assurance


Phase 1 Clinical Trials Unit Facilities

  • Reception area
  • Subject screening room
  • Subject rooms with capacity of 10 beds
  • Satellite pharmacy.
  • Clean supplies room
  • Subjects lounge equipped with internet access and computer, television, books and more entertainment options.
  • Storage room
  • Access to emergency department and ICU
  • 24/7 nursing services and monitoring.


Research Laboratories:

  • Laboratories providing a conducive research environment with modern technology to facilitate and accelerate research. Our analytical tests include: Sequencing services, Micarray services, qPCR services, Cell culture services, Bioanalytical and Bioequivalence Services.​

Obtaining an IRB approval is one of the most essential steps for clinical trials. A review is required for the clinical trial protocol, CRFs, consent forms for​ participants, and adverse event reporting. Our current process guarantees the fastest approval for sponsors.

  •    No need for full review to add a site within the MNG-HA
  •    No need for full review to renew your approval
  •    Two meetings per month
  •    Multiple panels of review board

A team with varied experience in clinical trials including GCP certified coordinators and investigators with experienced across numerous therapeutic areas. The team also includes members that cover different aspects of clinical trials from planning to close out.

With its infrastructure and professional staff, KAIMRC oversees research in all research sites, academic centers and clinical facilities of MNG-HA.