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 Trauma Research Program

Trauma Research Program (TRP) was established in July of 2016 with funding from King Abdullah International Medical Research Center (KAIMRC) through Population Health Research Section (PHRS). It consists of a network of passionate professionals dedicated to trauma research, education, treatment and prevention, who work together to elevate the quality of trauma research carried out in KSA through publications, conference papers and presentations. In addition, we aim to implement an injury prevention program as part of medical care provided to patients treated in the National Guard hospitals.

  • To conduct epidemiologic and clinical research related to trauma cases presenting to the National Guard hospitals in KSA.
  • To facilitate support for researchers interested in pursuing projects in the area of trauma research.
  • To provide training and education to junior researchers and students to develop skills necessary to conduct high quality trauma research.
  • To prevent Death and Injury from trauma. TRP facilities injury and trauma prevention as a major goal in KAIMRC’ mission to improve population health. TRP is taking action to prevent trauma-related death and injury through:
    • Partnerships with other research centers, universities, police departments, and ministries.
    • Taking a proactive, collaborative approach to allow sharing and combining expertise and research findings.
    • Through the community, prevention initiatives can be extended to those at highest risk for traumatic injuries.​

  • Trauma registry​