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​King Abdullah International Medical Research Center’s (KAIMRC) purpose is to transform lab results into products that improve the quality of life, while training skillful researchers within the healthcare community. KAIMRC is a young and thriving organization that has evolved to accomplish immeasurable success in a short period of time. At KAIMRC, we pursue translational research to facilitate the advancement of biomedical and clinical research and knowledge into practical solutions. All KAIMRC employees and researchers are loyal to the organization’s values, and our success is owed to the depth of that loyalty. Values, such as ethics, transparency, teamwork, and quality performance are demonstrated by our entire organization, and are the keys to our success. We continue to strive for excellence and higher standards through international collaborations and partnerships and quality project expansions.

Under the umbrella of National Guard Health Affairs, KAIMRC has multiple branches in the Central (Riyadh), Eastern (Al Ahsa and Dammam), and Western (Jeddah and Medina) regions of Saudi Arabia. Our research center is renowned for its notable core research projects such as the Saudi Biobank, the Cord Blood Bank, and the Research Trauma Project, in brief. These projects are leading to incredible advances in Saudi Arabia’s most common diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, trauma, obesity, and hypertension.

The KAIMRC complex possesses a high-quality scientific atmosphere consisting of first-class enabling technology research platforms and laboratories. These ground-breaking laboratories include Animal Laboratories & Testing Rooms, DNA & Stem Cell Cord Banks, and Radiology rooms. King Abdullah International Medical Research Center will continue to be a leading international health science research institution that administers and executes biomedical research programs in order to understand and solve complex medical health issues. 



ISION: To be a leading international institution in biomedical and clinical research.


ISSION: To generate cutting-edge scientific research that helps improve the health of the population.



THICS: At KAIMRC, we incorporate the highest standard of Islamic medical ethics into all our practices within the research and healthcare system. It is with deliberate synchronization of every step in our clinical decision making, policies, research and teaching.


APACITY BUILDING: Capacity building is an integral component of the mission of KAIMRC. The reputation and standing of KAIMRC will depends largely and is a reflection of the quality and satisfaction of the team members. Therefore, we promote, recognize, reward and invest in continuous education of our staff.


CIENTIFIC EXCELLENCE: KAIMRC’s greatest commitment is to offer no less than excellence in scientific research. We believe scientific excellence can only be accomplished with a talented and proficient workforce and enhanced through world class facilities and enabling platforms.


NNOVATION & COMMERCIALIZATION: We recognize and value the importance of creativity and responsible risk-taking. KAIMRC aims to encourage and provide strong support to innovation and commercialization projects through the newly planned medical biotechnology park.


OLLABORATIONS & PARTNERSHIPS: Collaboration is the cornerstone of our organization. It is deeply rooted in all of us; KAIMRC, MNG-HA, KSAU-HS and ensures our alignment and synergy as well as our contribution to and pursuit of our research mission.