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In its endeavor to disseminate ethical principles in biomedical research and clinical investigations, King Abdullah International Medical Research Center established a Bioethics section. It is one of the few prestigious entities that implement these principles within the context of international standards. The Bioethics Section even blends Islamic teachings and local cultural values with its international equivalent. The main spheres of the dual purpose include protecting human subjects involved in clinical research, patients’ rights and addressing dilemmas faced in biological research.

  • Spread awareness about bioethics and human rights in the community to ensure both researchers and subjects work side by side in transparency and confidence
  • Encourage research, learning and promotion of ethical and juridical aspects in the application of biotechnology and biomedicine.
  • Insure that doctors, scientists, researchers and students work in an ethical environment by being well educated through providing variety of educational programs that serve all needed aspects
  • Develop research projects on ethical issues relating to human life, bioethics and human rights.
  • To be active within the institution and outside of it by participating and organizing congresses and forums on bioethics​​

  • Counselling and provide recommendation about any ethical issue.
  • Educating through courses, seminars, and workshops.​​