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KAIMRC Operations manages and coordinates KAIMRC’s daily work activities carried out in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of National Guard-Health Affairs. The operations department oversees KAIMRC’s fiscal functions and performance, determines the human resources’ needs and recruits the best talent, develops plans to improve facilities, engages in third party vendors and analyzes and recommends acquisitions. Simply, it is responsible for driving operational excellence across the organization and assists the organization to achieve its strategic goals.

KAIMRC Operations provides a specialized research infrastructure that supports medical research through the optimum use of supplies and equipment, effective utilization of funding generated from research grants, sufficient department resources sharing to identify appropriate manpower deployment and provide services to maintain uninterrupted and increased research productivity.

Finance aims to provide information regarding the expenses and corresponding amount incurred by King Abdullah International Research Center (KAIMRC) for both for research projects and non-research projects, presents overview of the approved research grants throughout the regions (CR, WR and ER) and delivers financial data to support the management in their decision making and the strategy implementation.

Administrative Affairs determines the manpower needs of KAIMRC and is responsible for recruiting qualified staff, selecting the best candidates, developing skills and talent, counseling and rewarding employees and establishing a strong foundation of workforce that fosters a positive working environment.

KAIMRC-Logistics is the main point of contact for providing various services to all departments, sections, Primary Investigators (PI’s), and researchers by overseeing all interactions with different companies and MNG-HA to cater for the requests of furniture, services, equipment, consumable items, and shipments going from and to KAIMRC. KAIMRC-Logistics supports KAIMRC’s research strategy by establishing a dynamic workflow with KSAU-HS LCM to insure continuity in the supply  chain  in the most  efficient and timely manner. KAIMRC-Logistics is also responsible for maintaining stock levels of consumables in the Bio-store.

Support Services facilitates the needs for laboratory and office space, assesses and implements asset management, facilitates transportation services, manages access control system and archiving, and monitors housekeeping services. It is constantly in contact with Technical Affairs for building maintenance, renovation and improvement of KAIMRC facilities.

Technology Engineering Unit receives requests regarding medical devices/system and ensures devices/systems operability and availability all the time. It works as the point of contact between KAIMRC and vendors about supporting and servicing medical technologies including spare parts and service kits. This unit also provides genuine           and certified support activities such troubleshooting and repairing medical devices/systems including preventive and corrective maintenance trough in-house services and managing vendor support through warranties and service contract. It provides researchers and scientists with technical consultation and training sessions for the safe and effective use of all medical devices/systems.​


  • Extension: (84)  94301​