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 Eastern Region

King Abdullah International Medical Research Center in Eastern Region (KAIMRC-ER) was established in 2009 to further pursue the vibrant vision of KAIMRC to be a leading international institution in biomedical and clinical research. KAIMRC-ER shares strategic and innovative approach with central and western regions. It is located in purpose built building within the vicinity of King Saud Bin Abdul-Aziz University of Health Sciences, Al-Ahsa campus. KAIMRC-ER has state of the art scientific laboratories, conference rooms, audio-visual facility and administrative areas. KAIMRC-ER administration consists of admin and operation offices to streamline and steer the strategy and the governance related to operational and routine affairs in eastern region.

KAIMRC eastern region has two Research Offices, one in Al-Ahsa and the other one in Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal Hospital, Dammam. The research offices are providing comprehensive assistance to researchers in conducting medical research in eastern region. There are numerous opportunities in the region to conduct research due to the presence of many tertiary care hospitals and universities. KAIMRC eastern region is providing the research support arm for two hospitals and for KSAU-HS campus of Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs in the eastern region.

The research training and development section at KAIMRC-ER ensures the creation, dissemination and use of research knowledge by conducting research-related educational activities, i.e. lectures, symposiums, courses, etc. KAIMRC-ER also provides consultation and support services, such as but not limited to statistical consultation and research methodology consultation services.

The research laboratory section at KAIMRC-ER consists of five scientific labs. Research labs are well equipped with the latest infrastructure to support KAIMRC-ER scientists, KSAU-HS faculty and MNG-HA hospitals clinicians in the region. These labs can perform Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Biochemical Assays and Cell Culture work.

KAIMRC-ER Animal Facility is located in the basement of KAIMRC-ER building. The animal facility consists of six holding rooms for rodents (mice, rats & rabbits), one receiving and quarantine room, three procedure rooms to perform surgeries, injections, blood and tissue harvesting, etc. The animal facility is equipped with sophisticated instruments e.g. washing & autoclaving units, biosafety cabinets, individual ventilated system, water & food dispensers, bedding dispenser, anesthesia vaporizer, surgical microscopes, etc.

The eastern region is extending support for medical research in all fields in alignment with KAIMRC strategy with focus on metabolic disorders including obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemia and related comorbidities. KAIMRC-ER has dedicated qualified and skilled team including operations, admin support, clinical research coordinators and experienced scientists under the regional head. KAIMRC eastern region team is entrusted to contribute to the journey of biomedical research excellence and is committed to the vision and mission of KAIMRC.​

Advancement through performance management and collaboration

  • Performance monitoring through regular meetings, periodic reports and reviewing strategic plan
  • Promote communication and collaboration within MNG-HA eastern region and other institutes in the region
  • Continuous improvement through effective process management, KPI monitoring and implementation of quality standards

Focused KAIMRC research priority 

  • Create and facilitate research opportunities for biomedical research in eastern region
  • Promote research collaborations among basic scientists and clinicians in order to achieve better clinical outcomes and improved disease surveillance
  • Excel in obesity and diabetes research program as main priority by conducting high impact research that leads to change in clinical practice
  • Focus on other research areas such as cardiovascular, cancer, genetic disorders and communicable diseases in eastern region
  • Communication and dissemination of research findings within MNG-HA, locally and internationally by publication of research findings in peer reviewed journals and participation in conferences
  • Recognize and acknowledge the research findings and translating them into patents through ITTMO
  • Utilize animal facility to take basic research to translational research where animal experiments will be performed to generate pre-clinical research data ​

  • Transcriptome analysis of the Saudi patients suffering of Hyper Immunoglobulin E Syndrome (HIES): A surge for biomarker and therapeutic target discovery.
  • Role of RORgammaT Transcription Factor in the Double Positive Thymocytes Development and Transformation.
  • Role of ABC transporters in diet induced metabolic disorders
  • Type 2 Diabetes and other Risk Factors leading to Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease and Chronic Renal Disease: A Cross-Sectional Study of a Community-Based Population in the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia (AL-Ahsa).
  • Development of an in vitro co-culture cell model to study the role of endoplasmic reticulum stress in insulin resistance and glucose metabolism
  • Cancer Stem Cells in Childhood Cancers at KAIMRC, Alahsa.
  • Genetic Architecture of Type 1 Diabetes (TID) in Saudi Families with Multiple Affected Siblings​

KAIMRC Head Office
KAIMRC-ER is a core of KAIMRC’s administrative affairs and research operations in eastern region reporting directly to Operations Director and Executive Director of King Abdullah International Medical Research (KAIMRC). KAIMRC-ER head office supervises and monitors performance of all support sections, offices and individual.  It is responsible in development and implementation of strategic plan to successfully achieve the mission and vision of KAIMRC. Overseeing all research activities, determining research priorities and to maintaining progress in quality and quantity of research in eastern region is also part of administrative functions.

KAIMRC-ER Operations:
KAIMERC-ER operations functions include maintaining the smooth and effective communication with KAIMRC operations, administrative affairs and other facilities within and outside MNG-HA. KAIMRC-ER operations determine needs and ensure availability of manpower, equipment, and operational support. Its other functions include supply chain management, forecasting, inventory management, quality and risk management, and contract management.

KAIMRC-ER Training & Development:
Main functions of Research T & D section in eastern region are to conduct research activities such as educational courses and lectures. Some of the courses regularly conducted in eastern region are Introduction to Clinical Research, ICH-Good Clinical Practice, Statistics in Medical Research Course and Research Methodology. This section plans and conducts annual research day, research workshops and conferences by inviting prominent researchers of regional, national and international level. We are also involved in activities regarding Research Intensive Summer Course in collaboration with KSAU-HS College of Nursing in Eastern Region.

KAIMRC-ER Research Offices (AlAhsa & Dammam)
The Research Office-Al Ahsa has a pivotal role in research activities of KAIMRC Eastern region. Research office provides extended support to researchers from initial step of consultation service, proposal writing and submission, amendments, through to conduction and completion of research. Scientific committee undertakes rigorous evaluation of submitted research proposals and is responsible for approval of all projects in the region. Research office backs researchers with qualified and experienced research coordinators to assist in the research process and also offers continuous support and guidance during the whole research process, including liaison with central services such as IRB, Monitoring Unit and Laboratory Core Facilities. Since 2008, more than 240 proposals have been submitted to the Research Office in Al Ahsa.

Research Office Dammam was founded in year 2012. The key functions are to assist researchers mainly in conducting research studies, to assign Research Coordinators to Principle Investigators, facilitation in scientific review and providing reliable and satisfying supplementary assistance to relevant end users. RO Dammam of KAIMRC-ER executes a significant role in Al Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal Hospital of MNG-HA. We also provide continuous support in executing research educational activities; workshops, courses and lectures coordinated by Training and Development (T&D) of KAIMRC-ER.

KAIMRC-ER Laboratory:
KAIMRC-ER Research lab focuses on biomedical research on diabetes, cardiovascular, cancer, immunodeficiency and others specialties. The infrastructure is dedicated to facilitate collaborative multidisciplinary research among scientists, physicians, faculty and students from the hospitals in eastern region and KSAU-HS campus Al Ahsa. Currently, KAIMRC-ER research labs are equipped to perform techniques e.g. DNA extraction and sequencing, Cell culture and microscopy, RNA extraction and cDNA synthesis, Conventional and real time PCR, ELISA, Recombinant DNA technology, Transfection and transformation, Plasmid preparation, Western blotting, Pulse field technique to separate large DNA fragments, Biochemical assays and thin layer chromatography.

KAIMRC-ER Animal Facility Services:
The animal facility in eastern region provides state of art services for researchers at KAIMRC and MNG-HA institutes. It provides the scientists with an ideal environment in the field of laboratory animal science to perform studies on their chosen animal models. This facility provides breeding and animal husbandry services. It is fully equipped to perform animal procedures. Currently it is housing rats and mice in high barrier (SPF – specified pathogen free) areas with restricted access to only animal care staff.​

KAIMRC-ER Head Office

KAIMRC-ER Operations

KAIMRC-ER Training & Development

KAIMRC-ER Research Office AlAhsa

KAIMRC-ER Research Lab

KAIMRC-ER Research Office Dammam

KAIMRC-ER Animal Facility